DATE: 08/06/2012

VENUE: IHSU Main Lecture Hall

ACTIVITIES: Handover ,Swearing in, Nice and breath taking presentations, Media activities, Refreshments not forgetting the joint lunch .

The outgoing guild is appreciative of the time and opportunity that it had serving the student’s body. We achieved all this as a joint venture namely; acquiring the guild office that most have used at free will, organising the colourful cultural day and games gala, opening and registering of new clubs and associations, advocating for the guild to have a dean of students,  the seminars and public lectures to mention but a few.

The outgoing guild wishes all the best to the in-coming guild government in pursuing the students’ endeavours as they mediate between them and the administration.

Gakyali Mabaga (So little done, so much to do!)

-the outgoing guild government 2011/2012

Program of the handover party 2011/2012

Time Activity Persons responsible
9.00-9.30 am Arrival of guests,students and guild officials Ushers
9.31-9.50 Singing of the national and university anthem IHSU choir
9.51-10.00 A word of prayer Minister of gender(incoming)
10.01-10.10 Welcoming and introduction of guests MC
10.11-10.20 Opening remarks from outgoing president H.E Gude Wilson
10.21-10.30 Speech from the guild patron Registrar
10.31-10.40 A video of the achievement of the out going govt Joseph ssenkumba
10.41-10.50 A speech from the dean of students Mr katagata
10.51-11.00 A dance by Latino dance group Kiiza johnson
11.01-11.10 A remarks from the E,C Chairperson Ninsiima John Bosco
11.11-11.30 Handover and exchange of files MC and E.C
11.31-11.40 A warding of certificates Registrar and V.C
11.41-12.00 Swearing in of the incoming guild officials Justice Min(Hon Achbet Sylvia)
12.01-12.05 Speech from the incoming guild president H.E Jathro Alfred
12.11-12.25 Final remarks from the guest of honour The V.C
12.26-12.30 Cake cutting Ushers,VC,2H.E,Registrar,chairperson handover party,
12.31-12.40 Sharing and caring (swallowship) All
12,41-12.45 Closing prayer V. President(incoming)
FOREIGN JOINT LUNCH(Between the EC,Incoming and Out going guild officials , tribunal officials and our other guests)  
2:00-3:00pm IHSU GUILD LEADERSHIP SUMMIT Mr. Titus Ochieng

Muslim Students’ Association Handover

Online voting at IHSU for the 2012 Guild elections

This great event that is the first of its kind in this developing nation of Uganda. This week we will be holding our second IHSU GUILD electronic/on-line voting process where we use as minimum paper as possible in determining the forthcoming leaders of the next academic year.
This is a great event because it sets an example for the other universities for benchmarking and the nation at large where we think the dot com century is headed to.
We will have an open air debate on Wednesday and the voting process is slated to take place on the 11th May, 2012. You are welcome. Observers are all welcome!

Ihsu Guild Elections Program 2012/2013

The office of Electoral commission wishes to inform you of the program for the fourth coming general elections. Any suggestions concerning this program are welcomed. Please endeavor to attend the open air debate!

Date Time Activity Venue Person responsible
30/April/2012-4th May 2012


9am-5pm Picking & returning of nomination forms Meeting room Candidates & EC
4th May 2012FRIDAY 3pm Meeting of all aspiring candidates Room 6 EC, guild cabinet, Dean & Patron
7th May 2012WEDNESDAY 9am-9pm Open campaigns (within University premises)   All aspiring Candidates and EC
10th May 2012THURSDAY 9am-9pm Final campaign University premises All aspiring Candidates
11th May 2012FRIDAY 9am-7:30pm Election day E-class EC, agents of presidential candidates, and observers

NB: The members of panel of students are:

  1. Mujjabi Martin BSC
  2. Nabada Martha BNS
  1. David Oyet BBA
  2. Aliko Emmanuel BSC

Civic Education team will be moving from class to class starting Monday 7th.


Yours faithfully

………………………………..                                   …………………………….

Kasujja Bruno Bernard                                            John Bosco Ninsima

Secretary Publicity                                                  Chairperson


Christian Union Handover

Program for the University day 3rd March 2012


Time Activity In charge
9: 00-9.30 am Arrival of guest, students and staff Ushers
9:31-9.50 singing of national & University anthem IHSU choir
9:51-10: 00 A word of prayer Minister Of Gender
10:01-10:15 Exhibition Ushers / MC
10:16-10:25 A word of welcome by the guild president M C
10: 26-10.36 Speech by the guild president representative M C
10:37-11:00 Interlude  
11:01-11:15 Speech from the sponsors Sponsors
11:16-11:25 Speech by the Vice Chancellor VC IHSU
11:26-11:30 Interlude MC
11:31-11:35 Chairperson University Council Dr. Moses Galukande

Chair person University Council

11:36-11:40 Speech by the Mayor Makindye Division Dr. Ian Clarke

Mayor Makindye Division

11:41-11:46 Interlude MC
11:47-12:00 Introduction of clubs and associations MC
12:01-1:00 Cultural and club presentations Cultural groups
1:01-2:00 Lunch break Welfare committee
2:01-3:00 Cultural and club presentations Cultural groups
3:01-3:15 Speech by the Area MP Area MP
3:16-3:40 Speech by the Guest of Honor

(Mrs. Florence Tumwine)

Chair person of Public Service and Local Gov’t Committee in Parliament

  • A warding of the winners
  • Cutting of the cake
Guest of Honor
3:41-6:00 Closing prayer/ departure M C

Highlights of the Sports gala2012


Dear Comrades,

The following is a summary of the results of the 2nd annual sports gala that was held on Friday 24th February 2012 at Kibuli S.S.

Champions – Sir Isaac Newton Hall who beat Dr Matthew Lukwiya Hall 2-1 in the final.
Top scorer – Mwanga Karim from Sir Isaac Newton Hall with 4 goals.
Best player- Kiiza Johnson from Dr Matthew Lukwiya Hall.
Champions – John Snow Hall who beat Sir Isaac Newton Hall 7-6 in the final.
Top scorer – Nagiita Fredricah from John Snow Hall.
Best player – Kaakyo Bright from Florence Nightingale Hall.
Champions- Dr Matthew Lukwiya Hall who beat Florence Nightingale Hall in the final
Best player- Jowzef Kaliballa from Dr Matthew Lukwiya Hall.
ATHLETICS (100M & 4x100M Relay)
Best male athlete- Ezra from Florence Nightingale Hall.
Best female athlete- Dora Namuddu from Dr Matthew Hall.



The final results therefore stood as follows.
Champions= Dr Matthew Lukwiya Hall who successfully defended their title.
1st Runner up = John Snow Hall.
2nd Runner up = Sir Isaac Newton Hall.
3rd Runner up= Florence Nightingale Hall.
Congratulations to the winners and best performers;

Thanks and gratitude to the entire students’ body, staff and everyone else for making this day a success.

Aliko Emmanuel
Min. Sports, Culture & Entertainment